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Community: A Cult Classic Returns

Published November 3, 2012 by stephie794

I was just  watching  Season 2 of Community on Netflix and wondering if season 4 was ever gonna start then I it was time to go to my library volunteer job so I got my tv podcast  tv times  3 set up on my phone and was happy to hear that Community will be returning on Feb 7 to its  Thursday at 8 spot, instead of being  stuck on Friday night which would mean certain death for ratings challenged show. They already have a terrible time slot being  on at the same time as my other favorite Big Bang Theory on CBS.  I hope this season isn’t the last but if it is we will always have Netflix . I own the first season on dvd the cast commentaries are even more hysterical than the show.

What is your favorite episode? Mine is Season 1 episode 4 Social Psychology. Annie  helps the psych teacher (John Oliver) with a project where they see how long each student cracks when left sitting in a room waiting for for further instructions. Abed really ruins the experiment . This show takes subjects that would be hard for most people to make funny in real life ( like the riveting Dungeons and Dragons episode) and hits it out of the park every time. Its not main stream but it should be! I watched this right from the beginning as I was such a huge fan of Joel McHale on the Soup. Just a great ensemble cast (even Chevy Chase is tolerable) I give it 4 out of 5.



Haven: Where Everyday is Hallowe’en

Published October 27, 2012 by stephie794

Haven 3×6

I have been watching Haven since its very first episode two years ago and that took some effort as I don’t even get the SyFy channel here I only have basic cable ! I have always been a huge Stephen King fan and when I heard that there would be a show based on his novella the Colorado Kid , I was intrigued.   I checked out my favorite streaming site and was hooked immediately. I loved the love triangle between  actress Emily Rose and her co-stars  Duke and Nathan. I love the idea of a town in Maine with troubled citizens that cause supernatural happenings. It is a very original concept and you can’t miss an episode or you will be lost. I was late to watching Dr Who and Fringe so this show claims the distinction of being only sci-fi show I have watched from the beginning!   I am never a fan of shows that are all dark and have no witty dialogue  but Duke Crocker is the comic relief to offset the other 2 leads  intensity.  An underrated show that is nevertheless beloved by critics .  Let me know what you think !

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