About Me :In Case You Were Wondering

I am passionate about sharing my opinion and all forms of social media and pop culture. I am an avid reader  and read about 5 books a  month.I enjoy reviewing books as well. I am an amateur movie reviewer and hardcore movie buff. i enjoy B&w movies as much as modern day classics.  I have an eclectic music taste as well, love everything except rap,techno, and country music. I really have a soft spot for 80’s music.

I am a social media consultant part- time and would love to become a professional blogger as people, writing, and social media are my three favorite reasons to be on the internet daily.

I am a power user on Google Plus at 56 000 followers. They are a very loyal and supportive community there. You can find me here. /plus.google.com/u/0/113067760031784364231

You can email me at  swanamaker77@gmail.com

Disclosure: All content on these pages was written and edited by Steph Wanamaker. The opinions here do not represent any current or future employer. Any samples ,payments,or free services received in exchange for a review will be noted in such review.


2 comments on “About Me :In Case You Were Wondering

  • I like your introduction, Stephanie. I hope your professional blogger dream comes true. You do have a faithful following on Google+.
    You have the smarts, wit and wisdom to be successful.

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