Misfits: Another British show that is truly Unique

Published October 31, 2012 by stephie794

I had heard a few things about this show before but didn’t think it would be my cup of tea as 5 teenagers sentenced to community service didn’t sound like very likable people. I read a blog entry by a Tv expert friend of mine named Henry Otero and was intrigued. then I looked it up on IMDB and saw a unusually high rating on IMDB of 8.6. It was described as a black comedy that is truly addictive with the characters growing more and more on you each episode. The first episode I thought in first ten minutes what a bunch of wankers. Nathan’s ability to find humour in any situation and his vulnerability when his mom chooses her boyfriend over him are truly endearing and you grow to love him fast. Once you can understand Kelly’s accent you like her as well. Simon is a misunderstood loner but is the brains of the operation. Ruby and Curtis are well drawn and have a story arc all their own. Curtis reminds me of Lance Armstrong. I blew through 3 episodes right away and would have kept going if I wasn’t falling asleep at 1 am. I can figure out most shows with a mystery but this one so far is truly unpredictable .The seasons only have 6 or 7 episodes each and are on Netflix so it’s convenient! Let me know what you think P.s I have been told that season 2 is even better.


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