Life is too Short

Published October 29, 2012 by stephie794

I was reminded how short life is tonight when I got a call about an friend of mine , in fact my first love, from a mutual friend saying that  he had passed away last Wednesday. I was shocked as he was in perfect health last time I spoke to him online, but that was 5 years ago.  He was a great looking guy with a smile that lit up the room and was very successful career- wise, but he was slightly misogynistic and very narcissistic. I was in love with him for 4 years but never entertained the idea of living with him as he never let anyone too close him. He was sarcastic and very stingy with compliments  but then he could blow your mind with his philanthropy  ( donated to many charities) and his love of kids and animals.

He had 7 (!) German Shepherds and  they were all purebred winners at obedience shows. He helped me pick out my first dog. Even more than Dan, the purebred Pekingese I called Rudy was the love of my life. I would never have known how much I liked dogs if it wasn’t for Dan. My sister couldn’t stand Dan  but quickly became obsessed with pekes and bought her own. My Mom and I have  Leo for last 5 years, we went to an Ottawa Breeder to get one that looked just like Rudy.

We were still texting and FB friends until 2 years ago when he said  something offensive and I just ignored him. When I deactivated my FB account didn’t add him back.  He was only 48 but he did  live life to the fullest. Makes me realize how right the quote is  Seize the Day  Gather your Rosebuds while you may !  I will be more forgiving of friend’s imperfections in the future and will strive for unconditional love like our canine friends give everyday !  Rest in Peace Dan 1964-2012


4 comments on “Life is too Short

  • We never know when our time here runs out.. so it’s a good reminder to live our lives to the fullest! I know exactly the shock you felt.. as I’ve lost a couple of my old flames including my first crush.. Janet. (she died of cancer about 15 years ago)
    Dan was special in his own way, and for all his faults… still left you with a special gift.
    It’s nice of you to remember him this way.

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