Haven: Where Everyday is Hallowe’en

Published October 27, 2012 by stephie794

Haven 3×6

I have been watching Haven since its very first episode two years ago and that took some effort as I don’t even get the SyFy channel here I only have basic cable ! I have always been a huge Stephen King fan and when I heard that there would be a show based on his novella the Colorado Kid , I was intrigued.   I checked out my favorite streaming site http://www.watchseries-online.eu/ and was hooked immediately. I loved the love triangle between  actress Emily Rose and her co-stars  Duke and Nathan. I love the idea of a town in Maine with troubled citizens that cause supernatural happenings. It is a very original concept and you can’t miss an episode or you will be lost. I was late to watching Dr Who and Fringe so this show claims the distinction of being only sci-fi show I have watched from the beginning!   I am never a fan of shows that are all dark and have no witty dialogue  but Duke Crocker is the comic relief to offset the other 2 leads  intensity.  An underrated show that is nevertheless beloved by critics .  Let me know what you think !


9 comments on “Haven: Where Everyday is Hallowe’en

    • hi Terry thanks for replying here I am going to another post about the hangout I was in last night if you click on the permaliink at the top of the blog you can watch the episode for free I am going to post links to my other blog stories as well

  • I have been waffling about whether to pick up watching this series, since most of my free time is taken up, but based on yet another good recommendation I will give it a shot. I do love Stephen King, after all.

    • Hi Sarahjane I am very fussy about what I watch on tv as well you have to start from beginning but there are only 12 or 13 episodes you won’t be sorry You can watch this episode here the Halloween special doesnt need much explanation I believe Hulu has all the episodes I am following your blog will read and comment on your Bill Maher post I watch a lot of his shows as well

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